Recycling & Trash

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Recycling is mandatory in Millersville Borough.

According to our Borough Code, §310-15, "all persons within the Borough shall source separate designated recyclable materials."

Recycling & Trash

Millersville Borough Code, Chapter 310 Solid Waste, governs the local collection and removal of solid waste (trash and recycling) throughout the Borough.  To read the entire section of the Code, click here.

Recycling in the Borough:

  • Aluminum (excluding aluminum foil, trays, and plates)

  • Clear Glass

  • Colored Glass

  • Steel Cans (tin cans)

  • Plastics (such as water, juice and soda bottles; clamshells; yogurt containers; and condiment, detergent and shampoo bottles)

  • Paper (such as chipboard, corrugated cardboard, magazines, newsprint, office paper, and telephone books)


Although conflicting recycling information can be found in Lancaster County, the Borough has a contract with Eagle Disposal, and the items listed above will continue to be collected.

It's okay to throw everything else away.  It will be turned into renewable energy!

"A common misconception people have about recycling is they think it means placing items in their recycling bin—often, as much as possible. However, recycling is actually a system of collecting and processing used materials that still have value, in order to transform them into new products. This means not everything is recyclable. And just because a product has a recycling symbol on the bottom does not mean it’s recyclable. So, why is it important to debunk the recycling myth? Though most of us are well-intentioned, when we put materials in the bin that don’t belong, we’re actually contaminating the recycling stream, which negatively impacts our environment and economy. We need your help to recycle right!"

Trash in the Borough:


Collection Days:  Monday

Collection Times: 5AM - 6PM

Holidays that fall on a Monday will alter the collection schedule.  The following dates are alterations of note due to holidays that are observed by the Borough's contracted waste hauler, Eagle Disposal.

Trash & Recycling Calendar:

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